Upcoming Gigs

25th, 26th February – Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester UK
3rd March – Todmorden Unitarian Church, Todmorden, UK
11th March – Riddles Bar, Altrincham, UK
23rd April – Stockport Old Town Folk Festival, Stockport, UK
29th April – Todmorden Folk Festival, Todmorden, UK
13th May – Riddles Bar, Altrincham, UK
3rd June – Something to Smile About Festival, Doncaster, UK
23rd June – Missy Sippy Blues and Roots Club, Ghent, Belgium
24th, 25th June – Beer Passion Weekend, Antwerp, Belgium


Date City Venue Country
25/02/17 - 26/02/17 Manchester Museum of Science and Industry UK
Time: 11:00am.
03/03/17 Todmorden Todmorden Unitarian Church UK
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: Free.
11/03/17 Altrincham Riddles UK
Time: 9:00pm.
23/04/17 Stockport Stockport Old Town Folk festival UK
Time: 1:00pm. Admission: Free. Address: Market Square.
29/04/17 Todmorden Todmorden Folk Festival UK
Time: 3:00pm.
13/05/17 Altrincham Riddles UK
Time: 9:00pm.
03/06/17 Doncaster Something To Smile About Festival UK
Time: 12:00pm.
23/06/17 Ghent Missy Sippy Blues and Roots Club BE
Time: 8:00pm.
24/06/17 - 25/06/17 Antwerp Beer Passion Weekend BE
Time: 3:00pm.